New Office Rules

Keeping us all safe.

As COVID-19 has changed all of our lives, our primary concern is the health and safety of our patients and their families. Dr. Chelian and our office are making every effort to implement protocols to create the safest possible environment for our patients and community.

Please note, we have always followed CDC, OSHA, ADA & state recommendations to create the safest environment for our patients and community. However, we have expanded certain protocols and asking our patients when they return to our office for their appointments to please follow these recommendations.

  1. We recommend only the patient arrive for their appointment and all other parties wait in the car or stay home.
  2. Please only arrive with 1 family member to your appointment (if necessary).
  3. We are implementing a “waiting-less” room where patients are encouraged to show up promptly for their appointment and will be taken directly to their sanitized, pre-assigned treatment chair.
  4. If a person has to be in the waiting room Dr. Chelian requests all individual practice social distancing.
  5. We are requesting only the patient be in the clinical treatment area and all treatment updates will be called/texted to a parent/guardian as necessary.
  6. All patrons of the practice must wear masks to cover their nose and mouth.
  7. Waivers must be signed prior to being seen by Dr. Chelian.
  8. Our clinical treatment chairs have all been socially distanced for your safety (minimum of 6 feet away from each other).
  9. There will be restrictions on aerosol procedures. These treatments will be modified for everyone’s safety.
  10. Surgically Clean Air Purifiers with HEPA filters and UV Light are being utilized so we all can breathe easier.
  11. We ask all of our patients to use mouth rinse and brush their teeth prior to their appointment; we will temporarily remove all items from our toothbrush station. All patients will be encouraged to use our handwashing station as needed.
  12. We have removed all communal items such as magazines, books, and patient sign-in computer.
  13. We will temporarily stop providing coffee, tea, and hot chocolate.