Your Comfort Is Our Priority

One of the most uncomfortable parts of getting orthodontic work is having a mold taken. At Urban Orthodontics, we take the discomfort out of the process. We eliminate the need for taking uncomfortable, disgusting tasting, and gag-inducing molds of your mouth and give you the best fitting retainers and orthodontic appliances with our innovative use of the iTero 2 technology.

It’s another way Urban Orthodontics provides the best orthodontic experience and results that will make you smile.

iTero technology in North Bergen

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What Is iTero Element 2? how it’s work?

iTero 2 is an advanced imaging system that captures even the smallest details of your teeth and jaw structure—without requiring uncomfortable molds.

iTero 2’s intraoral scanner takes digital scans of your teeth and mouth. It then creates a 3D image through pulses of light that emit no radiation. It’s as safe as it is comfortable, especially compared to the old mold process.

The Benefits of iTero Element 2 Technology

Our use of iTero 2 technology at Urban Orthodontics offers you a number of outstanding benefits.

  • You don’t have to worry about the bad taste, or trigger a gag reflex, or other discomforts that come with having clunky molds placed in your mouth.
  • We can get your perfectly fitted Invisalign created up to three times faster than with traditional molds.
  • The iTero 2 allows us to create 3D printed molds of your mouth for the development of palatal expanders, retainers, and other orthodontic appliances.
  • We can scan both your top and bottom jaws in less than 5 minutes making it significantly faster than taking molds.
  • You get faster results and greater comfort.

The scanner uses gentle pulses of light (emitting no radiation) to create a 3-dimensional replica of your teeth which is presented in real-time on its 19″ high definition, multi-touch display. By using this technology our office is able to submit for our patients Invisalign aligners 3x faster than other offices using traditional putty and mold techniques.

We also use this technology in conjunction with 3D printing technology to fabricate palatal expanders, retainers, and a multitude of intraoral appliances. What our patients love about this is no more bad tasting molds or worry about triggering a gag reflex.

iTero element in New Jersey