Orthodontic Treatment in Secaucus

Orthodontics Treatment in Secaucus, New Jersey

If you are interested in finding an orthodontist in Secaucus, NJ, who offers Invisalign, look no further. Urban Orthodontics is highly skilled in improving smiles with Invisalign—in fact, Dr. Chelian is a Diamond provider, which means he is in the top 1%. He can handle the toughest, most complicated cases. For the friendliest team that will provide you with exceptional Invisalign results, you can’t go wrong with Urban Orthodontics.

Pros and Cons of Invisalign

If you are considering Invisalign in Secaucus, make sure you understand the pros and cons.


  • Comfortable
  • Clear and hardly noticeable
  • Convenient
  • Removable
  • Low maintenance
  • Better oral hygiene
  • Same cost as braces at our office
  • Less in office appointments


  • Must be worn most of the time (at least 20 hours a day)
  • Has to be taken out to eat and brush
  • Not ideal for certain types of treatment

Duration of Treatment

How long you will need to wear your Invisalign aligners will depend on the severity of your teeth adjustment needs. While it’s possible to wear them for just six months, the average length of time is 12-18 months. This is if you wear them for at least 20 hours a day. If you don’t wear them for the recommended amount of time, your treatment could take longer to complete.

Duration Of Treatment in Secaucus

Other Orthodontic Services Provided in Secaucus, NJ

We don’t just offer Invisalign. Our orthodontists in Secaucus provide a full range of orthodontic services for all ages, using metal, clear, and gold braces options to straighten teeth. Children as young as 7 years old can benefit from an orthodontic evaluation.

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If you desire a more attractive smile, our orthodontists in Secaucus can give you the beautiful smile you’re looking to achieve. Through Invisalign and braces, Urban Orthodontics sets the standard for orthodontic treatments. Our team is the best at what we do; let us show you. Contact us today to schedule a consultation. we provide service in North Bergen & West New York.


Orthodontists are dental health specialists who focus on helping individuals realign their teeth and achieve the proper relation between their jaws. The real challenge faced by orthodontists is to move your teeth gradually, safely, and precisely. Board-certified orthodontists know how to do this in spite of how challenging your dental malñalignment is.

There are many benefits related to undergoing orthodontics. Chief among them is that teeth that are well aligned are much easier to keep clean, and you will, therefore, enjoy better oral health. Fortunately, the benefits don’t end there, as well-aligned teeth are also aesthetically pleasing. You’ll get a beautiful and healthy smile.

We recommend that children visit an orthodontist by age 7. However, teenagers and adults can start their treatment at any age. You should start as soon as possible to correct any dental malalignment problems or jaw malocclusion.

The tried-and-true method is to bite down, making sure your molars touch each other. Ideally, your molars will touch each other, and your upper incisors will barely touch and protrude just a little bit in relation to the lower incisors. If some teeth cover each other or you can’t bite down, you have a bad bite. Also, if your family has a history of jaw malocclusion, you will most likely have that, too.

No. Wearing braces shouldn’t hurt. Getting your braces installed shouldn’t hurt, either. You should note, though, that the process might produce discomfort as your teeth move around. The constant force pulling and pushing each tooth will cause some discomfort, especially when you get your braces adjusted.

Today, orthodontics is more affordable than ever before. You can get in touch with our office to learn about payment plans and how your insurance plan can help make this specialized treatment much more affordable and fit your budget.