teeth whitening in New Jersey

As you’ve grown older, you may have noticed that your teeth have become less vibrant and discolored. Discoloration and staining occur because of natural aging processes, tobacco use, and the consumption of certain beverages and foods.

Teeth whitening procedures are a great way to brighten your smile and improve your self-confidence. Our experienced dental team provides professional teeth whitening in New Jersey that significantly lightens the shade of your teeth in as little as one hour. We know you want the perfect smile, and we’re here to help you get it.

Opalescence Boost Whitening Features

If you’re searching for the best teeth whitening in New Jersey, you’ve come to the right place. Our team at Urban Orthodontics utilizes Opalescence Boost to provide you with the best possible outcome. Opalescence Boost is a vegan and gluten-free procedure that features:

  • Noticeable whitening and vibrance within around an hour.
  • Chemically-activated whitening instead of uncomfortable or hot over-the-counter products or LED procedures.
  • Teeth whitening gel that improves your comfort with fluoride and potassium nitrate.

Teeth Whitening in Secaucus

What to Expect with Opalescence Boost Teeth Whitening Services in New Jersey

When you visit our office, our dental team will welcome you and answer any of your questions. Once we start, the Opalescence Boost teeth whitening procedure is as follows:

  • We’ll take a look at the initial shade of your teeth before applying the whitening gel.
  • Our dental professionals will apply a protective barrier to your surrounding gums to prevent irritation.
  • The Opalescence Boost teeth whitening gel will be applied to your teeth using a soft, brushed tip.
  • You’ll enjoy your whitening results in around one hour.
teeth whitening in New Jersey

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Not only does Urban Orthodontics offer the best teeth whitening in New Jersey, but we provide an experience that will show you why our patients love us and choose us as their preferred orthodontics office. Our practice is built with patient safety and comfort in mind. We provide flexible in-office and virtual consultations so you can achieve your smile goals. Contact Urban Orthodontics today to request your consultation.