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For kids, teens, or adults needing more help with their bite, metal braces could be the way to go. Dr. Chelian is one of the top orthodontists in North Bergen who will work with you to craft the best plan of action for your needs and desired results. Read through our review to see how satisfied our patients are.

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Orthodontics is a dental health specialization that focuses primarily on dental alignment and solving jaw malocclusion without surgery. Orthodontics takes care of formulating treatment plans that shift your teeth’ position gradually and safely without the need for surgical interventions.

An orthodontist is the only qualified specialist who can create a treatment plan to realign your teeth and achieve the perfect relation between your jaws. Furthermore, board-certified orthodontists are the only professionals who should install braces or design Invisalign clear aligners.

Yes. Orthodontists are the only professionals who should install, adjust, and remove braces. Please refrain from going to other professionals who are not certified orthodontists for these treatments, as they may lead to undesirable results.

All parents should bring their kids to an appointment with an orthodontist by age 7. This is aimed to help the child with a proper overview of their dental development as they grow up and won’t necessarily mean they’ll get braces or other appliances right away. However, it provides everyone with the opportunity to plan interventions when they are most efficient.

Some of the signs you should be on the lookout for as a parent include difficulty with chewing or biting down on things, mouth breathing, thumb sucking, prolonged pacifier use, and a history of jaw malocclusion in the family. Any one of these elements could indicate that your kid will have problems with dental alignment, and the best thing to do is plan an intervention as soon as possible.

The main reason is that we don’t want to rush the process and accidentally hurt the soft tissues inside the tooth. Abrupt movements result in direct trauma and the potential loss of a tooth’s vitality. Please review the process with your orthodontist to know how long it will take and manage your expectations regarding treatment length with the help of a team that understands how important efficiency is for you.