You can now get the solution you require to fix your smile and improve your life thanks to the individualized treatments developed by the best orthodontist Secaucus residents can find. Surgical orthodontics is one way in which your skeletal development problems or cases of dental malalignment can become a thing of the past.

Here at Urban Orthodontics, you’ll be greeted by a team that treats each patient with the care and consideration that they deserve. After all, you’re coming here to improve your life, and we want to help you achieve those goals. Your orthodontic journey will be enjoyable and efficient when you work with a team such as ours, so make sure to set up an appointment with us and figure out how surgical orthodontics can help you fix your dental alignment problems.

What Is Jaw Surgery in Secaucus?

Jaw surgery is a different name for orthognathic surgery, and it is a treatment that focuses on delivering specialized surgical solutions that address and help correct problems with a patient’s dental growth or skeletal development.

Indeed, jaw surgery is a treatment option that could help you fix complex cases of skeletal development problems in your orofacial region, especially when the case is too complex for traditional orthodontic appliances. Please make sure to get in touch with our team because we will want to review with you what to expect from the procedure and explain potential risks related to an invasive surgical procedure. We want to make sure we explain everything related to the procedure and develop a treatment plan that is as efficient as it is safe.

Who Will Need Surgical Orthodontics in Secaucus?

Some cases that require surgical options for treatment are very easy to identify; however, each case is unique. Some cases that are very similar to conventional orthodontic problems, such as an overbite or rotated teeth, may need more complex treatment plans, which is why we highly recommend that you begin with a visit to an orthodontist and review if your case of jaw malocclusion or malaligned teeth needs jaw surgery or note.

Other people might have had no problems with their jaw until very recently when they suffered an accident and direct trauma to their jaws. In these cases where there are no congenital diseases but rather environmental causes, you might want to consult with our team and determine if jaw surgery is the right option for you.

Please get in touch with our office so our team can help identify if surgical orthodontics is the way to address your concerns and improve your chewing, speech, breathing, and oral health.

You might want to get more information about surgical options if you have any of the following:

  • Open bite;
  • Breathing problems;
  • Speech problems;
  • Protruding jaw;
  • Difficulty in chewing or biting;
  • Chronic jaw pain or TMD.

We will gladly help you explore all the available treatment options to restore the proper function of your dental structures and more!

What Can You Expect From Jaw Surgery?

The first step is simple: You just have to set up a free appointment with our team so we can take a better look at your teeth, jaw alignment, and orofacial skeletal structures. We will begin with a physical exam to determine the nature of your dental problems and take a set of X-rays that will tell us what else is happening below the gumline. We might also have to create a model of your teeth so we can better plan the treatment that you require.

Your treatment might have to begin with an orthodontic appliance, such as traditional metal braces or clear aligners, to first set the stage for the surgical options that we require if we want to fix the more complex skeletal development concerns.

You can trust that our specialist will address all your concerns and answer all your questions.

Jaw Surgery in Secaucus

The best orthodontist Secaucus residents can find is here to help you get started on this journey so you can improve your smile, restore the proper function of your teeth and jaws, and get a better quality of life free from the concerns you might have a result of facial imbalances and jaw growth problems.

Give us a call, and we’ll find the right time so you can come to the office to get the treatment started.