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How Much Do Braces Cost Without Insurance in New Jersey?

August 30th, 2022

Braces deliver so many positive results. The health, emotional, and aesthetic benefits of having straight teeth continue for years after braces come off. Like many other long-term benefits, braces require a significant upfront investment.

How much do braces cost without insurance in New Jersey? The cost is typically around $3,000 to $7,500. Depending on several factors, most people will spend about $5,000 and up.

What Factors Affect the Cost of Braces?

The cost of braces will vary according to several factors, from the type of braces you choose to demographics like your age and where you live.

Type of Braces

Some types of braces cost more than others. Invisalign, for example, tends to cost more than metal braces. Additional options like ceramic braces provide a subtle look compared to metal braces but also cost more. Ceramic braces can cost $1,000 more than metal braces, depending on each individual’s treatment length.


The age of the patient also affects how much braces will cost. Since adult mouths have finished growing, it generally takes longer to realign teeth. That longer timeline adds to the cost of the service.


Where you live also impacts how much braces cost without insurance. New Jersey residents near Philadelphia and New York typically pay more for orthodontic care than people in other parts of the state due to the higher cost of living in and around the larger cities. Also, people who live in more isolated areas might pay more since there tend to be fewer orthodontists and less competition.

Length of Treatment

How long a person has braces affects how much braces cost with insurance in New Jersey as well as without insurance. Age is only one of the factors that will determine how long braces need to be worn. Another major factor is the severity of the condition being treated with braces. You will learn more about how long you need braces during your first visit. You can even opt for a virtual consultation to learn more.

How Can I Afford Braces Without Insurance?

Dental insurance can make braces more affordable with the proper coverage. Many dental insurance plans do not cover orthodontics, so you should check with your insurance provider. Policies that cover braces can cut the out-of-pocket price by close to half.

If your insurance doesn’t cover braces, you still have options. Health savings accounts (HSAs) and other flex spending options help you set money aside for medical and dental expenses. This enables you to save for braces in advance and make payments from an account with some tax benefits.

Fortunately, Urban Orthodontics offers financing options. This is a great way to pay for braces without insurance. You can choose a payment plan that works with your budget and pay for your braces over time. Urban Orthodontics works with you to design a payment plan that specifically meets your needs.

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Dr. Chelian is an orthodontist in Union City New Jersey. After completing his orthodontic specialty residency at Roseman University, he practiced orthodontics in Nevada and Arizona before ultimately settling in New Jersey. Dr. Chelian is passionate about all things ortho!

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