How to Clean Invisalign in 5 Simple Steps

Invisalign clear aligners have grown rapidly in popularity over the past few years, and it’s easy to see why. They effectively straighten teeth in a more affordable, convenient, and less invasive way than traditional braces. So how should you care for Invisalign retainers? Check out these orthodontist-approved tips to learn how to clean Invisalign aligners in five simple steps.

How to Clean Invisalign

Regularly cleaning your Invisalign retainers will keep them from getting stained and prevent oral hygiene issues like bad breath. Here’s the best way to clean Invisalign aligners.
  1. Take out Invisalign before eating. Food and drinks can stain or damage Invisalign, so be sure to take them out before eating and drinking.
  2. Store trays in a case. Keeping your trays in a case will ensure your Invisalign stays free from damage or bacterial growth that could occur if stashed in a napkin. (Plus, you’re less likely to lose them!)
  3. Clean trays with soap and water before putting them back in. Rinse your aligners with room-temperature water and use clear soap, denture cleaner, or specific Invisalign cleaning crystals to clean them before replacing them after a meal or snack.
  4. Brush and floss regularly. Good oral hygiene will keep your trays in good shape—if food particles are stuck in your teeth, they could create plaque and bacteria while wearing the trays.
  5. Soak your aligners daily. Use a denture or aligner solution daily to disinfect your Invisalign and prevent stains and foul smells. Just rinse your aligner with room temperature water before replacing.

Invisalign FAQ

Still have questions about how to clean Invisalign aligners? Check out these common questions and answers.

How Often Should I Clean My Invisalign?

You should clean your Invisalign multiple times a day to prevent stains, smells, and plaque buildup. Wash your aligners with soap and water whenever you take them out to eat, and soak your aligners in cleaning crystals or denture cleaner at least once a day.

Can I Use My Invisalign for Teeth Whitening?

Invisalign is designed to straighten teeth and is not meant to be used as a teeth whitening tray. Doing so could lead to poor results or could damage your trays over time.

Can I Use Toothpaste to Clean Invisalign?

You can use toothpaste to clean your Invisalign if you’re in a pinch. However, it’s best to use Invisalign cleaning crystals, denture cleaner, hydrogen peroxide, or antibacterial soap.

Can I Use Mouthwash with Invisalign?

Mouthwash can damage or stain Invisalign trays, so it’s best to refrain from using it while wearing Invisalign aligners.

Get Your Invisalign Today

Now that you see how simple it is to keep Invisalign clean, you may be eager to start wearing them yourself. Contact Urban Orthodontics to schedule an appointment in Union City, New Jersey, and see if Invisalign is right for you. You’ll be one step closer to a straight, beautiful smile!

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