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Is it Safe To Visit The Dentist During Covid-19?

September 9th, 2021

When the Covid Pandemic started in early 2020 there were so many unknowns about the Covid-19 Virus and its transmission. Due to all of these unknowns, many people pondered, if it was safe to go to the dentist? We have all learned a significant amount about Covid-19 since the onset of the pandemic and the simple answer to the question is, Yes, it is safe to go to your dentist during the Covid-19 pandemic!

In early 2020 the CDC recommended all elective dental procedures be delayed but all emergency dental care still be addressed. This blanket statement led to some confusion among the public and caused many people to neglect their oral health and skip all dental care for over a year. Going to the dentist during covid had the same if not lower risk than if you were to go to the grocery store. Many dental offices implemented new restrictions to reduce the risk of transmission.

Why is it Safe to Visit the Dentist During Covid-19?

All dentists are trained to practice universal precautions and assume every patient that comes to our office has an infectious transmissible illness be it viral or bacterial in nature. Hence, we have always worn masks, gloves, and other personal protection equipment that other doctors may not have worn prior to the pandemic. Every dental office also has to adhere to very strict infection control protocol to maintain the safety of their patients, community and staff. Since the pandemic, many dental offices, like ours, have heightened their infection control protocols and pre-screening, temperature monitoring, limited patients and personnel, and installed hospital-grade air purifiers.

These additional safety measures along with an effective vaccine campaign make it 100% safe to go to the dentist and orthodontist during the Covid-19 pandemic. For more information regarding Urban Orthodontics and Covid-19, visit our FAQ page.

What to Expect When You Visit the Dentist Now?

Please do not expect to just “walk-in” to a dental office if you are not already an existing patient of the office. Most dentist offices will now require you to make an appointment. Walk-in appointments even for emergencies have been restricted by many offices if you are not currently a patient of their office.

You will likely have to fill out a Covid 19 pre-screening questionnaire and have a temperature check prior to being seated. If you show any symptoms of covid and/or of any type of illness the office will reschedule your appointment.

The majority of dental offices will request only the patient come into the office and any family or friends who are with the patient wait in the car or outside of the treatment area/or office. Many dental offices are not allowing patients to use hygiene stations to minimize any aerosols. Patients will also be required to wear masks at all times except when the doctor is doing his examination or procedure.

Now that you know it is safe to go to the dentist during Covid-19. Contact Urban Orthodontics to book your appointment today!

Dr. Chelian is an orthodontist in Union City New Jersey. After completing his orthodontic specialty residency at Roseman University, he practiced orthodontics in Nevada and Arizona before ultimately settling in New Jersey. Dr. Chelian is passionate about all things ortho!

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